We at dekho network take our responsibility very seriously. It's our job to provide a system deserving of your trust — by deep screening for potential problems, by formal inquiry to discover issues brought to us by our guest or host, and our in-house team of experts reviews the data and keeps the strict check on customer's feedback, and takes appropriate action to protect the integrity of our platform.

Our goal is to provide a safe and trusted platform where people are honest and open with one another as they collaborate to bring change to life.

We encourage our community, guest or host to report distrustful activity and voice concerns via the Contact us page or mail us at


  • DEKHO NETWORK is not a store: We aren't selling anything at dekho network , we just do the listing on this Network which will enhance your visibility manifold and increase your appearance on internet.

  • We are open and responsible: We let our guest know who our hosts are and what they are best into. Our in-house team of experts do their best to answer the concern of each and everyone associated with us, quickly and thoroughly- it's a dekho network's policy to show its people about it's reliability, availability and commitment. We work with honesty, integrity and follow the ethics.

  • We listen: We didn't just build dekho network — we've been lovingly tending to it since we launched in 2015. Our team of experts is always watching over the platform and reviewing reports from the our valuable users. Our team helps our guest & host to make sure this is the most trusted, safest and most effective platform for online marketing.

  • We monitor the system: Our team of experts uses technical and automated tools to identify and examine the facts on every step of working

  • We take action: Sometimes it's not just about asking to fix a problem. But when we find any guest or host that abuse the system, we don't hesitate to suspend them and taking legal action against the cause.


Dekho Network Pvt Ltd

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