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Dozens of local business directories exist, thus making claiming your business listing a gruesome task. Fortunately, we at Dekho Network Pvt Ltd Provide wide variety of Business Listing Services that makes your ad listing much less time-consuming, appropriate and ensuring your business information being consistent across the directory spectrum.

Membership on Dekho Network enables business owners to update their basic information related to their business including the Client's name, address, phone number, web address, e-mail address, and business designation.

Dekho Network is a one-stop search portal for any type of business listing queries across the whole nation. Our digital services allow business owners in building portal solutions that combines the information access and content distribution with collaboration, workflow management and social networking mechanisms.

Dekho Network provides integrated marketing solutions for small and large businesses. Among its services, we offer various business organizations related to various sectors be listed as per their convenient Profiles. Dekho Network provides comprehensive all round digital services for portals (both mobile web and native mobile applications) making your ad listing data available even on Smartphone's and pads, improving content and data availability for the clients on today's digital platforms. To increase local accessibility our experts deliver portal data and content harmony and replication solutions.

Dekho Network provides Ad Listing Digital Services for small and large businesses. Among its services, the company offers online business listings that appear on sites like Dekho University, Dekho Hospital, Expert Dekho, Showroom Dekho, Resto Dekho, Dekho College etc.

Dekho Network has in business process automation. We are able to connect a portal solution to multiple enterprise data sources and applications, including implementation of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) underlying enterprise portal. We also have extensive experience of integration with third-party web services, news feeds, payment gateways and social networks.

Dekho Network pays great attention to ensuring portal security:

  • By restricting data access as necessary and providing user roles management
  • By securing sensitive online transactions with SSL
  • Implementing data encryption and digital signature solutions
  • We know your time is valuable, and portal accessibility is precious that's why our web portal projects, as with all our other projects are completed and delivered right on time.

Dekho Network takes you through a process that assesses the needs of your business as well as its objectives. From here we establish a course for a web portal development that will allow accessibility to your site as well as enhance usability of same. This means that through your site you remain interconnected to those things that matter the most, the clients and other businesses.

Dekho Network provides our Client's that digital platform aggregating their business listing to a platform which not only advertises them nationally. Feel free to contact Dekho Network Pvt Ltd for Digital Services in India.

Dekho Network Pvt Ltd

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